Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is required when molds begin multiplying in your home. It is a process of finding if molds really do exist in your homes and where the molds are growing.

Locate water leakage

The first process in mold inspection is to locate water problem or water leakage area where molds initially start growing. Mold inspection should be performed at once if visible molds have been seen in your home which is a sign that there are molds growing in other parts of the house not visible to the occupants.

Hire a professional mold inspector

Mold inspection would involve hiring a professional mold inspector. A certified mold inspector uses special equipment like fiber optics and moisture meter to easily find areas where mold most likely will exist including areas hard to reach such as spaces behind walls. Mold inspectors are also trained to find hidden molds without disturbing your home or requiring occupants to leave the house.

Occupants must help identify mold growth

Mold inspection would also require the help of the occupants since they can immediately pinpoint areas where water leakage exists for the inspectors to save time in locating mold growing areas. Areas like pipe running paths, air conditioner leaks, leaking roofs or areas where water accumulates after raining and flooding should also be identified to make mold inspection more effective. Areas high in cellulose such as those under the carpets, drywall portions, insulated areas or ventilation ducts should also be inspected.

Large areas of mold during inspection should not be immediately disturbed if possible since reckless removal of the molds can lead to the spread of spores and mycotoxins all throughout your home.

Removal of the extensive mold colonies should only be started once the proper containment has been established during remediation. Confirmation of the mold is also essential since the mold you might have seen may be just dark soot or dirty surfaces.

Use of mold test kit

A mold test kit can be used to confirm if the suspected mold is really a mold. A certain testing can be also performed to identify what species of mold is existing in your homes so as to identify as well proper extermination of these kind of molds.

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