Causes of Black Mold

The most common causes of black molds formation or growth in homes are leaking pipes, a leaking roof, condensation, wet clothes, poor ventilation, a damp basement, flooding, water in house foundation and a humid weather. Molds start growing in your homes when the weather gets humid and continues for the next days.

Wet air and high humidity

Molds usually grow on walls, on bench surfaces and other surfaces due to the wet air when it rains for several days. Molds also grow in homes in areas where humidity in air naturally high. Indoor humidity is also increased when moisture inside the house evaporates. High humidity feeds molds. A humidity higher than 55 percent is enough for molds to start to grow in your homes.

water leakages in homes
Undetected leakages in homes can cause black molds.

Leakages from pipe system

Leakages in homes are also some of the causes of black molds. Leakages from pipes particularly those in areas which are unseen such as inside the wall can cause undetected growth of molds which could cause serious problems. Also, be sure to always check the attic, if your home has one, particularly the ceiling below the attic since leaking roofs may cause mold growth in this area. Cold surfaces can lead to the formation of condensation in your home which accumulates on metal pipes and on cold concrete floors that can be prime areas for mold growth.

Poor ventilation

Formation of pockets of stagnant moist air due to a poorly ventilated home is also one of the many causes of black molds. Poor ventilation also suggests that wet surfaces do not easily dry to eventually lead to mold formation.

Indoor moisture

Wet clothes left in the house for a long period of time can also cause house molds due to the moisture released by the clothes.


Flooding of your house can also cause growth of black molds since it only takes a surface to be wet for 24 hours for molds to start to grow. A damp basement can also be a growing area for molds since this area is usually not well ventilated. Basements are also usually colder which is a perfect condition for condensation that leads to creates dampness and leads to humidity.

Basement water leak

Water leaks also reach the basement to even increase likeliness of mold generation. The basement is the place where molds can be well set in since it is a place not usually visited by house occupants.

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