Five Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

If mold is present, what is the best way to eliminate it?

The answer lays the areas where the mold is present and its location. Mold found in furnishing items can be simply discarded at home or the building. However, mold on the surface that occupies not more than 10 square feet can be rid of by washing the area with soap and water. Molds of greater areas require professional assistance.

Is it possible to eliminate mold completely?

Generally, it is impossible though in cases a building can enjoy free of mold by the use of ait filtration but very limited situation like in the hospital operating rooms and manufacturing “clean rooms”.

Are there harmful and non-harmful molds?

There are about 100,000 types of mold and most people have the ability to tolerate exposure to moderate levels. The most serious health problem a person can get from the exposure is allergy and asthma. However, there are some molds that produce the chemical called ‘mytoxins’ that will likely produce illness to animals and people.

How much mold exposure is harmful?

It is impossible to give a definite answer and no one knows about it. It varies from degree of exposure and the ability of the person to tolerate.

Are there any reliable test to indicate the presence of mold?

Simple mold detectors need only the eyes and the nose. Noticeable discoloration like black or green indicates the presence of mold. A place with molds produces a smelly place which smell is either a little or very unlikely.

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