Which Mold Remover to Use

If you need a mold removal product, you can choose whether to use instant mold removal products or create your own mold remover. The important thing is you keep your house mold-free as much as possible. Homeowners must beware of the impact mold can bring. It could pose serious material damages to your home and bring serious health problems to your family.

Usually, mold removal products are sold in easy to use spray bottles. Some may be in big plastic bottles which are ready to use. There are also mold odor removers which you can use to sanitize your home. The musty odor these molds give can be irritating. These cleaning agents are specifically prepared for removing molds.


Aside from these commercially prepared mold killer, you can also use some basic household cleaning products. Bleach, as we know it is good for removing stains. But bleach can be used as a disinfectant too. Bleach is so strong and an effective mold killer.

Ideally, one cup of bleach per one gallon of water is used for disinfecting non porous materials like tiles and glasses. This solution can be used in the bathroom and kitchen. Borax can be used as a mold remover, too. Like bleach, one cup of borax per one gallon of water is recommended.


Aside for cooking, vinegar is also a good mold remover. Being a mild acid, vinegar can be used as an alternative disinfectant. By using a spray bottle, spray vinegar over moldy surfaces and leave for a while. Do this regularly to promote a mold-free environment. Vinegar and baking soda combined is a powerful mold remover. As these two are mixed in a bowl, they will become paste-like in appearance. You can apply this paste over moldy surfaces and scrub it using a brush or a sponge. This can loosen up mold build-ups so you can use the bleach-water solution after.

Other Cleaning Products

Aside from these cleaning products, you can make use of some appliance cleaners such as air cleaners, dehumidifiers and vacuum cleaners. Air cleaners may help to reduce the number of mold spores in the air. But you cannot rely on air cleaners and air filters alone, regular cleaning must also be done. Dehumidifier units can be used to reduce significantly the number of molds in your home.

HEPA vacuum cleaners can be used as mold remover. Using high efficiency particulate air vacuum cleaners regularly can prevent cases of having mold allergy. Before cleaning, moldy spots should be dampen to minimize the release of airborne spores. When cleaning and removing spores, it is advisable that you wear protective gears like a dusk filter mask or a respirator, goggles and gloves.

When cleaning, it’s important that you clean everything, including those without mold spots as there might be some mold spores on them. These mold spores can grow and become actual molds later. To prevent the occurrence of molds, you must always remember to keep things dry.

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