Basement Mold Removal

If you are unfortunate to get water damage in your basement this year, be sure to properly implement a basement mold removal strategy.

 Causes of Basement Mold

Two of the leading causes of mold in basement and other interior locations is dampness and poor ventilation.

In most interior locations biological agents are directly the causation factor to dampness. Additionally inadequate ventilation within the indoor location mold or other biological agents are found. Usually excess moisture is almost on all indoor materials. It potentially leads to growth of various biological microbes such as mold and bacteria which will then release spores, cells, fragments and penetrate any organic compounds into indoor air. It is the dampness that initiates the chemical or biological breakdown of materials, which also pollute the indoor air. It’s when the dampness has been to be strong which is an indicator of risk of these airborne biological agents from growing. They can be the cause of asthma and other potentially harmful respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. Health risks associated with the presence of biological contaminants of indoor air could be addressed by considering dampness as the risk indicator of this potentially harmful biological outbreak from occurring.

Basement mold removal is the only clear way to help prevent further contamination and potential health risks and side effect. There are many global trends that contribute to the conditions noted here with increased exposure to dampness and mold:

  • Green initiatives which are varying energy conservation measures that may not be properly implemented
  • The habitation of more indoor areas or urbanization and migration, along with the building type and density, urban degradation, housing availability and social inequity which can cause overcrowding
  • Potential climate change which has increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions, shifting of climate zones

How to Remove Basement Mold

The following will provide a summary of what has to be done in order to properly and effective create a safe basement environment and what is entailed for the basement mold removal, mold remediation, mold mitigation, and mold abatement:    The steps are CONTAIN, KILL, REMOVE, and PROTECT your home.

  1. CONTAIN – you want to ensure you contain the mold to the basement. Preventing cross room contamination is very important to help keep mold from spreading into uncontaminated areas;
  2. KILL – it is important that you quickly and effectively kill the mold.
  3. REMOVE – once the mold has been killed you will want to remove all dead mold.
  4. PROTECT – while you clean insure that you protect the cleaned out basement and adjacent areas against future mold infestations.

If you plan to do your own basement mold removal and remediation, or you are planning on securing the services of a Certified Mold Contractor or Remediation expert, following these simple steps to completely remove all mold, contaminants, and infestation from your home, condominium, rental apartments, office, warehouse, retail store or other real estate building is very  important. Once you have completed all the steps in the mold removal process it is suggested that you ensure your home is completely mold free by following up with professional testing.

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