Mold Remediation Tips

Mold problem is a growing concern among renters, homeowners, and building owners, too. This makes effective mold remediation absolutely necessary. Mold control professionals can help in how to kill black mold and in getting rid of mold problems. However, you can always find mold remediation tips that you can do yourself. When mold remediation is done at the onset of mold growth, a healthy living environment is assured among family members and workers.

Mold in Houses

The places in the house where molds are likely to grow are the bathroom, kitchen sink, basement and attic.

If you are a renter with kids and there is a history of asthma or pulmonary diseases in your family, before you decide on an apartment or house to live in, check the entire house for any sign of molds. The appearance of a mold or the musty smell of it is a telltale sign that mold inhabits the house. You can talk with the landlord, owner or the agent on what to be done about it. Or better yet, consider looking for another house!

If you are the homeowner, always check the house for any greenish, brownish or blackish sight appearing mostly in the bathroom, kitchen and basement. Indoor molds can propagate in areas where there is moisture, warm temperature and nutrient like organic materials.  If there are leaking pipes and sinks, repair immediately to discourage growth of mold spores. Outdoor mold growth is also possible when the place is always moist such as the backyard garden. So when watering plants make sure that no porous materials like wood is sprinkled with too much water, or no standing water will serve as breeding grounds for molds.

Mold in Buildings

If you are a building owner, regular maintenance of all areas in the building must be done so that molds will be controlled. When building has been flooded, immediate 24-hour cleanup and removal of water damaged materials should be carried out to control mold growth.

If mold infestation is widespread then seek the service of professional mold removal companies. Many mold removal companies are properly trained in mold remediation. Before you decide to employ their service, ask if they conduct their own mold inspection, and how much is the cost estimate and other fees. You can also check their licenses and get feedback about the efficiency of their service from others or from online comments.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that if mold cleanup is required for an area of more than 10 square feet, then you must refer to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guide entitled “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings”. There are cases when the entire building needs to be repaired or renovated when the mold problem is extensive, and this can be costly on the part of the building owner.

Best Mold Control Technique

Prevention and control of mold is the cheapest and most practical way of mold remediation. To get rid of mold and mildew, keep your house and offices clean, dry and well-ventilated.

  • Clean regularly and remove unnecessary objects in the homes and offices. Materials that are porous such as papers and fabrics, and those that accumulate dust might cause mold problem in the future. If these materials are damaged by water, the mold spores can inhabit them in less than 48 hours. Materials that have been initially infested by molds should be disposed immediately.
  • Dry the areas that are usually damp by wiping the areas with dry clothes and preferably using vinegar or bleaching solution to prevent molds from growing. Do not use paper boxes when storing old items in the basement, attic or storage rooms; use thick plastic storage boxes instead so that it will be easier to dry them when water leaks into these places.
  • Proper ventilation is important to reduce the humidity level. Using window fans or ceiling fans can also suck out warm air in the bathroom, basements, attics and stockrooms. Places that are too dark are also best place for molds to grow. Check dark areas regularly for mold infestation before the problem worsen, or refrain from stocking objects in dark rooms. Put them in places where everyone can see and clean them easily.

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