Hidden Humidity Problems in Your Home

Humidity causes household molds. Many people think of obvious signs of flooding while failing to recognize the need for restoration and repair related to slow leaks or other problems. Unfortunately, it is often the slow and subtle forms of water damage responsible for destroying property.

Learn how to recognize hidden humidity problems in your home with these simple steps:

Search for signs of discoloration

Common culprits around most households include underneath windows, around doors or below sink areas but discoloration in other areas should still be treated with caution.

Unexplained moisture

Carpeting, drywall, ceilings or floors which tend to feel damp could be signs of a hidden leak. Remember, even a small leak can create a big problem if not properly repaired; mold and mildew spores can grow in walls or even infiltrate other areas of your home through duct work.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew only grow in the presence of humidity so spotting mold or mildew is a key indicator. A musty smell often associated with age is another key indicator of hidden sources of mold or mildew. Contact a professional to locate the source of the problem then have the area cleaned and repaired.


Galveston and other areas of the country are often prone to condensation which can damage drywall, carpeting and other materials over time. Improper ventilation, failure to use or install moisture barriers and air circulation issues are often the source of the problem. Other common problems include the appearance of rust on appliances or other metal objects in the area.


Obvious signs of wood deterioration may be related to water damage especially in cabinets, doors, walkways or other areas exposed to the elements or located near pipes. Don’t automatically assume decay is the result of termites or carpenter ants – it might be wood rot due to water damage. However, even if it is due to termites or other pests, water may still be a culprit since insects prefer a moist environment with access to a water supply.

If you are not sure whether or not a spot or discoloration is due to hidden water damage simply pick up the phone and call a reputable water damage repair, restoration, extraction company like Kiwi Services. Not only will they be able to assist in locating the source of the problem but can also repair and rectify any damage caused by the problem with just one simple call.

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