How to Kill Black Mold

The presence of black mold in your house can be potentially hazardous to your home. Not only it can ruin your house, black mold could bring serious health problems to you and your family.

In knowing how to kill black mold, it is of vital importance to learn how to identify them.  Black mold is a type of fungi which, as its name suggests, is colored black or greenish black. Damp surface in dark areas can be a good growing environment for mold. It is important to inspect your house to identify the presence of mold.

In order to be successful in the quest on how to kill black mold, you must be aware of the signs of mold growth and infestation. The best places to check may include your bathroom sink, bath tubs, cabinets, walls and even in your ceilings. Mold loves dampness and darkness. In order to grow, they will need moisture for them to survive. Knowing these, you will be able to easily identify areas in your house that has high possibility of mold growth.

You may check for stains or spots on your walls. If you notice that the stains on your walls are like polka dots, you better act quickly as this is an obvious sign of mold infestation. Check out areas that are often moist like the surfaces of bathroom and kitchen sinks. You may also opt to check leaky roofs and damp crawling spaces for they provide an environment good for mold.  Aside from seeing them, one way to identify presence of serious black mold infestation is through the musty odor they give.

Once you know the basics on how to identify them, it’s time to know more on how to kill black mold. As mold survive in humid places, the best way to kill them is to dry them out. Having a dehumidifier unit is great for drying out basements and other humid places at home. Apart from drying your home, any water leaks at home should be fixed to prevent further growth of mold.

Aside from having a dehumidifier, there are several solutions you can use to solve the problem on how to kill mold. Bleach – water solution is effective in killing mold. The recommended solution has the ratio of one cup bleach for every one gallon of water. Using this solution is effective for non-porous areas like the tiles, bathroom floor, windows and counter tops. For small areas and hard to reach areas, you can make a paste with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Dip a regular toothbrush and use it to scrub the mold. After scrubbing, you can wash it with the bleach solution to ensure killing the spores. Aside from these solutions, there are actual mold remover products available in the market today.

As for clothes, dry-cleaning is recommended for those with silk or wool fabric. While for cotton fabrics, it is important that they are properly washed, rinsed then dried. For leather goods, you can use a solution of alcohol and water. It is important to make cleaning a habit to prevent the growth of black mold.